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Annual Examination Rules

  • Two series of examinations can be given simultaneously.
  • Leaving two categories between the two category givers cannot give two exams.
  • Teachers whose names are in the list of examinees sent by Shri Sangh will be sent other details of advertisements on our behalf. Attendance at Teacher Training Campo Vs. Write the name of the teacher as the teacher in the list. Mahilamandal President Vs. Write their name only if running. The teachers who attend the teacher training camps are given due respect.
  • Examiner can write papers in Gujarati, Hindi or English.
  • Answer paper can also be written with the help of another (writer). They will not be given first five numbers in Jain school and first three numbers in Mahilamandal. Answer: Write the paper as if it were written with the help of a writer. Writer can be anyone.
  • The name of a virgin up to 18 years of age who will take the examination from the local union will be counted in the Jain school. The person above will be counted in the women’s congregation. Every married woman will be counted in the women’s circle.
  • If the person giving the examination is in another field from where the other examinee is to give the examination, he can also give the examination from the center. This means that the person can take the exam from the center from which he wants to take the exam. Their result will be sent to their center.
  • In case of any complaint in the examination, contact the supervisor or Mumbai office.
  • Only supervisors and examinees can be present in the examination hall. Supervisors of local union activists may be able to get help if needed.
  • The teacher who prepares more examinees by working harder will be honored separately.
  • If any new union wants to join the examination, they should contact the Mumbai office one month before the examination.
  • Fill in the form with the complete details of the name of the examinee to be sent and fill in the details in English first A, B, C, D.
  • We will arrange supervisor for the examination. Where we can’t reach, you have to arrange a supervisor.

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